Somewhat Interactive

Small Games Made by Dave

Somewhat Interactive is a single person game studio, focused on making small games for Android and iOS.

Our games showcase simple mechanics, interesting sound design, and bold visuals. (We also love physics engines and particle effects to an unreasonable degree).

All our games are currently in closed beta, please request access to download.

Slidance [/'slaɪdɛns/] is a slow-paced, single-player, mobile experience based on the parabolic movement of coloured shapes. The player tilts their device to move the currently active shape toward target points while avoiding moving obstacles -- the movement of shapes is determined by device tilt.

The game is backed by a slowly evolving, multi-layered, ambient soundscape, inspired by meditative sounds such as Baoding balls, Tibetan prayer bells, and singing bowls. It is designed to be ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) friendly, with some sounds based on common ASMR triggers.

Slidance has been developed for Android and iOS, and is currently frozen until I can get back to working on it.

Slidance Screenshot

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